Sigma Elite Chamber System

elite-largeThe Sigma Elite Chamber System

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The Sigma Elite Chamber System can include several chambers that share a common database. All of the chambers on the system can be viewed from one location and nearby chambers can be controlled. This allows fewer operators to view and control more than one chamber at a time. The system includes patient and treatment review software that allows filtering of information of interest from all of the chambers at once.

The Sigma Elite Chamber is electronically controlled. The operator control panel is the interface to the electronic controller.  The chamber touch screen allows creation and selection of patients, treatments and reports. Treatments can be run manually or automatically by selecting newly created or stored profiles. Automated treatments include the full pressure profile and air break locations to remind the patient to apply and remove the air mask. Profiles can include non-linear curves to avoid ear trauma, contain multiple dwell pressures and even include multiple air break locations.


The chamber includes battery power in case of loss of AC power, self diagnostics with alarms during operation, automatic operation without the touch screen, full pneumatic backup control and emergency purge features.

Existing Perry pneumatic chambers can be upgraded to the Sigma Elite Chamber System or the Sigma Elite Chamber System can be ordered directly from Perry.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) communication software can be added to the Sigma Elite Chamber System to interface with the facility or an external EMR system.