Dualplace Hyperbaric Chamber Systems

Dual Place Chamber

 (Sigma 40-II pdf)


The SIGMA 40-II Hyperbaric System provides hyperbaric oxygen therapy for two patients.  The maximum operating pressure is 30 psig (3 ATA).  The system is pressurized with breathing quality air.  Patients are seated in comfortable, adjustable, fully padded treatment chairs.

Patients breathe pure oxygen through a built in breathing system (BIBS), using “Duke” style hoods.

The SIGMA 40-II pressure vessel is constructed of aluminum end heads and includes a quick opening door assembly.  A seamless clear acrylic plastic cylinder is held in sealed position between the end heads by four steel tie-rods.  Safety interlocks prevent the chamber from being pressurized until the door is properly secured, and also prevents the door from being opened while the vessel is pressurized.

Patient Comfort is of utmost priority in the design of the SIGMA 40-II.  The world’s largest diameter acrylic greatly reduces containment anxiety while the reclining seats maximize comfort during treatment.
The pressure vessel is mounted on a wheeled support chassis, which also houses the main control components.  These components are tray mounted to provide easy access for maintenance.

The SIGMA 40-II is equipped with an adjustable height patient seat transfer gurney.  The transfer gurney and seats are custom-designed to mate with the chamber and lock into position.  Once the gurney is locked, the patients may be easily rolled into and out of the chamber on the seats.

The SIGMA 40-II provides many features for both the patient and operator.  These features include the following:

  • Automatic Pressurization and Depressurization after rates are set.
  • Automatic ventilation of the chamber with adjustable rate control and rate meter.
  • Plugged blank chamber pressure boundary penetrations are provided to accept optional equipment feed-through fittings.
  • Four (4) each smooth bore penetrations to accept any combination TCPO2 and 19 pin electrical feed-through penetrators.  This provides the capability to connect patient monitoring (such as EEG and ECG).
  • Four (4) each Chamber penetrations to accept connections for intravenous medications during treatment.
  • Four (4) each Ventilator feed-through connections
  • One (1) each non-invasive blood pressure monitor feed-through
  • The ability to hear, see, and monitor the patient at all times during treatment.
  • A discrete power source allows continued operation of chamber communications in the event of a power outage.
  • Chamber controls are completely pneumatic in nature and require only a compressed gas source.
  • Chamber may be ordered with door and controls configured for right or left hand operation.

SIGMA 40-II Technical Specifications:

Maximum Operating Pressure:30 psig (66 FSW)2.07 bar (3 ATA)
Design Temperature Range:32 F to 100 F0 C to 38 C
Air Supply50 to 90 psig @ 40 scfm3.45 to 6.2 bar @ 1130 lpm
BIBS Supply  (O2):50 to 90 psig @ 210 lpm3.45 to 6.2 bar @ 210 lpm
Standby Air Supply50 to 90 psig @ 210 lpm3.45 to 6.2 bar @ 210 lpm
Ventilation Rate:150 to 385 lpm150 to 385 lpm
Pressure Change Rates:1 to 5 psi / minute (approx.)0.07 to .34 bar / minute
Emergency Depressurization Rate:3 ATA to Ambient in 6 min. or less
Maximum Patient Weight (Gurney)700 lb.227 kg.
Fire Suppression System Water Pressure Requirements
Main Deluge60 gpm @ 110 psig
Handline10 gpm @ 85 psig
Overall Length:108 inches274.3 cm
Overall Width:61 inches154.9 cm
Width (excluding BIBS console):46 inches116.8 cm
Overall Height:81 inches205.7 cm
Height (w/out arm):68.75 inches174.6 cm
Internal Diameter:40 inches101.6 cm
Internal Length (stretcher length):93 inches236.2 cm
Internal Volume:69.3 cubic feet1.962 cubic meters
Weight (approx):3,500 lb.1,590 kg.

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