Annual Maintenance



Annual Preventative Maintenance Service:


  • Thorough servicing of chamber and components
  • Certificate of Annual Service
  • Detailed service report including checks performed, findings, and corrective actions taken
  • Facility Safety Review & Report
  • In-Service Training Session & Certificate of Attendance


The annual chamber maintenance is required for continued safe reliable operation of the HBOT chamber. Areas covered include but are not limited to:

  • Door permission system / locking device
  • Communication (Intercom) and entertainment system
  • Inlet filters & elements, exhaust filters and screens
  • Verification of depth gauges and readings
  • Check and adjust compression and decompression timing, idle pressure, and pressure relief systems
  • Gurney and rail system
  • Main Door/Hatch and Seal
  • Polishing of minor scratches
  • Emergency decompression function and timing

We offer Gold and Platinum multi-year discounted service plans.

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