Acrylic Tube Replacement

Perry Baromedical uses the worlds most advanced acrylic tubes.

These acrylic products have been rigourusly tested using the strictest standards and are manufactured by our sister company Blanson, Ltd. The Blanson acrylics cast process is the most highly engineered acrylic in the world and is engineering to the absolute highest tolerances possible. The Perry acrylic tubes are manufactured and tested for a design life of 20 years. We outperform the design life and proudly say that our tubes last longer than any other acrylic tube on the market.

When you buy a Perry you can be assured that you have the highest quality acrylic tube with a history of outperforming the PVHO standards.

Perry Baromedical can provide the following chamber acrylic services:

  • Design Life Inspection
  • Repairs
  • Acrylic tube replacement
  • Viewport window replacement

We provide services on all acrylics in conformance with:

– PVH0-2, In-Service Guidelines for PVHO Acrylic Windows
– PVH0-1, Section 2, Viewports

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