Sigma 34 Hyperbaric Chamber

Sigma 34 Hyperbaric Chambersigma-34-large

“World’s Largest Chambers”

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The 34 inch acrylic cylinder of the SIGMA 34 hyperbaric chamber allows patients to be inclined up to  25 degrees, thereby alleviating the feeling of confinement. This model is easy to install or relocate. Mounted on heavy duty casters, it is maneuverable around corners and hallways and fits through standard doorways. Low initial investment, and a minimum space, staffing and facility renovations requirements make the SIGMA 34 ideal for new program start-up or increasing a program’s patient capacity.

Maximum Patient Comfort

  • 33.5 inch Internal Diameter – the largest and longest acrylic tube in its class
  • Exclusive Stryker Gurney – height adjustable for safe patient transfer and backrest adjustable from an angle of 0 to 25 degrees
  • Accommodates a patient up to 500 pounds
  • Cool and Quiet Treatment Compartment
  • Optional entertainment system for patient enjoyment

Ease of Operation

  • Pneumatic Control Panel
  • Penetrators For Critical Care Support
  • Hydraulic Gurney for Patient Transfer
  • Intrinsically Safe Two-Way Communications System
  • Air/Oxygen Select Capability Option
  • Reverse Configuration Available

Convenient Mobility

  • Fits Through Standard (42-inch) Doors and Elevators
  • Maneuverable Around Corners and Hallways
  • Mounted on Heavy Duty Casters
  • Ease of Installation and Relocation


  • One Year Warranty
  • Low Initial Investment
  • Larger Size Increases Patient Compliance
  • Maximum Profitability

Building Service Requirements

The following requirements must be met for proper operation of the SIGMA 34 Monoplace Hyperbaric System.

  • Building must adhere to construction requirements specified in NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities.
  • Optimal patient comfort is achieved if the room is maintained at 68°-72° F (20°-22.2° C).
  • Flooring should not produce static electrical discharge. Carpeting is not recommended. Conductive flooring not required.
  • Air/Oxygen Supply: 50-90 psi @ 30 scfm (3.4-6.2 bar @ 850 lpm). Pressure gauge and shut-off valve installed in accessible location in both air and oxygen lines. Termination to be 1/2” female NPT, 2 feet above floor for connection to chamber supply line. Installation to be in accordance with publication CGA G-4.1.
  • Exhaust Line: One and one-half inch nominal diameter copper (minimum). The exhaust line should be run to the exterior of the building no less than eight feet above the chamber level in an area where no potential source of ignition or fuel exists. The exhaust line should be installed so as to obviate entry of rain or foreign objects. The termination in the chamber room must be 1-1/2″ NPT (F), located 2 feet above the floor for connection to the chamber exhaust hose.
  • Electrical Service: 110 VAC outlet for communication system power supply and maintaining charge on 12 VDC backup battery.
  • Chamber Ground: Chamber grounding should be in accordance with NFPA 99, NFPA 70, National Electrical Code, grounding and local electrical codes. Additional grounding instructions shall be provided as required.
  • The Sigma 34 is supplied with all necessary hoses and fittings to easily connect to the customer provided services described above. All building services should terminate within three feet of the foot of the hyperbaric system.

Sigma 34 Hyperbaric Chamber System Technical Specifications

40 inches (101.6 cm)
105 inches (266.7 cm)
61 inches (154.9 cm)
Internal Diameter
33.5 inches (85.1 cm)
Internal Length
90 inches (228.6 cm)
Internal Volume
47.2 cubic feet (1.34 cubic meters)
2,200 lb. (998 kg)
Maximum Operating Pres
30 psi/3 ATA (2.07 bar)
Design Temperature Range
32-100 Deg.F (0-38 Deg. C)
Medical Gas Supply
50-90 psi @ 30 scfm (3.4-6.2 bar @ 850 lpm)
Ventilation Rate
(4.4-13.6 scfm) 125-385 lpm
Pressure Change Rate
1-5 psi/min (0.07-.34 bar/min)
Emergency Depressurization Rate
3 ATA to 1 ATA in 100 seconds – Approximate rate