Hyperbaric Orientation Class

If you are a new HBO facility, it is likely you have “new to HBO” staff.  For individuals new to running a hyperbaric facility our Hyperbaric Orientation class is a practical way to help your staff become familiar with the activities of patient prep, patient vitals, loading and unloading patients and the process of documentation.  We offer a one day 8 hour orientation to allow staff to become comfortable with chamber operations and patient preparation for their treatment.  We review the safety requirements and process which ties to the Perry Operations Manual for procedural review.

The hyperbaric orientation class is designed to orient new hyperbaric staff to the hyperbaric room, hyperbaric chamber functionality, safety and cleaning protocol, and a review of the HBO ancillary equipment.

There is a review of HBO indications, side effects and treatment protocols, as well as daily, weekly, and semi-annual checklists.  There is also a review of HBO procedures, to include gas handling procedures, fire pull station, infection control, complete equipment shutdown procedures, and new staff orientation.

This class is ideal for newer centers or centers with new staff.

1, 2 and 3 day HBO Orientation is available.