Mavis III Wound Camera

Mavis III Wound Cameramavis-3

The MAVIS III camera takes a stereoscopic color picture of the wound from approximately 60 cm away (using the ranging illumination to judge this distance).

MAVIS III is a simple stereoscopic, non-contact, hand-held camera to precisely measure the VOLUME, AREA & CIRCUMFERENCE of chronic wounds. This will enable medical staff to assess whether or not the wound is healing at the earliest possible time as the key wound volume measurement starts to diminish. It also provides a gallery of graphs and photographs charting the progression of the wound healing progress for each patient as evidential data for the efficacy or otherwise of different treatment modalities. It will also provide incontrovertible proof for treatments being reimbursed under CMS.

A more detailed explanation of the technology can be found at

This shows the early prototype version but the MAVIS III production version is more robust and stable in terms of calibration and simplicity of operation.