Electronic Medical Records Software

logo-elite-emrThe Perry Elite EMR
(Electric Medical Record) software solution represents a fully integrated designed product to capture all patient treatment data from within one Perry chamber or several chambers simultaneously. For efficiency and productivity gains it allows for multiple hospitals or healthcare facilities to rollup patient data from multiple centers into one central corporate location. The patient treatment data is captured and stored in a centralized relational database where reporting and analysis can be performed. The standard API (Application Program Interface) is HL7 designed and integrates all patient data being stored in the centralized relational database to any healthcare facility completing the EMR patient record requirement. The Sigma Elite EMR software has a user friendly design for ease of use which provides end-users flexibility in the process of optimizing all patient treatment and compliance.

Centralized Chamber Monitoring & Control

The Sigma Elite and EMR Software allows an HBO technician or authorized medical staff the ability to monitor and control single or multiple chambers from one centralized PC workstation. Patient quality of care is enhanced by additional viewing of the patient by desktop or a large flat screen monitor on the wall. The advanced split screen technology provides the medical staff a consistent view of every patient treatment with full treatment documentation on one screen.

Analytical Database and Reporting

With each Sigma Elite EMR a centralized PC workstation shall serve as the HBO data center repository for all patient EMR treatment information. Each system includes a monitor and printer so the medical staff can generate standard reports, perform analysis and manage all patient and chamber activities. The software is HIPPA compliant with data formatting and integration into any industry based EMR /EHR software system. It includes the capability of multi-level reporting on treatment outcomes and patient compliance. The system offers the ability to define a variety of diverse multi-level reports using the information stored in the relational database.

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